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Herbs and herb combinations are chosen specifically for each patient. They can be used to to improve health and help the body recover. Herbs are beneficial on their own or in conjunction with acupuncture treatment.


Foods, like herbs, have phytochemicals as well as nutrients and can treat specific conditions and prevent disease. Dietary therapy has a long history in Chinese medicine. We use whole food-based nutritional supplements to fill in the gaps that are usually present in our modern diets. We use the highest quality herbal products from around the world. They are chosen based on traditional use as well as modern science. 


Finding relief from menopausal symptoms

Lorie came to our office because she was suffering with hot flashes and anxiety. Lorie’s doctor told her that she was experiencing perimenopause. She was put on hormone therapy, but her anxiety was worse with this treatment and she went off it quickly.  


Lorie is holistically-minded and tried a couple of herbal products on her own. She took Chaste Tree and a product containing Wild Yam, Shatavari, St John’s Wort, Sage, Black Cohosh, and Korean Ginseng. These are generally good herbs for her symptoms but, instead of feeling improvement, she actually felt worse.


Lorie was seen in our office and a few supplements were recommended based on her Chinese medicine presentation. She started taking two products. One contained Thuja, St. John’s Wort, and Licorice; the other contained Sweet Wormwood and Sarsaparilla Root. Within two days, her symptoms were greatly improved! After her symptoms have resolved completely and don’t return, we expect that she will be able to discontinue the herbs all together.  


There are many different causes for any given symptom. When we correctly diagnose the cause of the problem and give the correct treatment, we hope to see the symptoms respond well and usually see lasting relief even after the herbs or supplements have been stopped.


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