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How Full is Your Health Bucket?

The body has an amazing ability to heal and adapt. So, why are you dealing with chronic inflammation?

Generally speaking, we have an injury and it is the immune system’s role to create inflammation as part of the healing response. We should see that inflammation resolve in days or weeks.

Sometimes that doesn’t happen or inflammation and pain seem to start for no reason. When this happens, it is caused by having too much generalized inflammation. Your body can’t heal the low back pain or headaches, for instance, because there is too much inflammatory pressure in your body. Your ‘Health Bucket’ is too full.

Often, it is not the recent things that happened that led up to the pain but those things that have been ongoing that are the real problem. The newer pain that isn’t going away is just the most obvious symptom. It made your bucket overflow but it didn’t fill the bucket up in the first place.

Inflammation is caused by Diet, Infections, Digestive System Problems, Hormonal Imbalances, Toxins, Emotional Stress, and Cell Signaling. Only by identifying and treating these issues is true healing possible.

If you’re dealing with chronic pain and inflammation, let’s stop just focusing on covering up symptoms get to the bottom of why you’re body isn’t able to get better the way it should.

Acupuncture, auricular medicine, directed herbal therapy, and lifestyle medicine can all be used to treat the overall inflammatory pressure so you can start to feel better by actually getting healthier.

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