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Like Ignoring the Check Engine Light Until Your Car Breaks Down

The thing that bothers me the most about pain is that most treatments aim just to cover it up!  Your body is screaming at you that something isn't right.  And, our answer is to take an anti-inflammatory pill?  It might help for a while but it is not fixing 'why' you have inflammation.

Photo by Erik Mclean

Meanwhile, there are usually several systems in your body that aren't working optimally. To make matters worse, in health, things tend to get worse over time unless you do something about it.  

We get pain injections.  Use heat or ice.  Or we eat anti-inflammatory pills like they're candy.  If they work at all, the results are only temporary.  And some of these actually cause more harm over the long term. Like the car engine light, don't ignore all of these signals until there is a complete break down.  Isn't it a lot less expensive to get this checked early and get it fixed the right way?

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are different.  We want to get you feeling better as soon as possible.  But, we also work on those underlying systems that your body wants you to fix.  We check your circulation, nervous system, organ systems, nutrition and a lot more.  Then, we give you a plan to fix those problems.

If your pain has lasted more than a couple weeks and isn't getting any better, it is time to act. Respond to this email or give us a call and schedule a phone consultation or make your next acupuncture appointment.


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