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Resources for Staying Well During COVID-19

There are practical ways we can continue to care for ourselves while we continue to abide by the current safety mandates regarding coronavirus. We encourage you to use this time to build up your immune system and take care of your body until we can all be together in person again.

While we are not available for routine acupuncture appointments, we are available for those patients that need care to “protect or sustain life.” Online scheduling is not available. Please email sdurell@wmacupuncture or leave a phone message to set up an appointment.

Virtual Visits & Herbal Supplements

We are offering reduce-cost virtual visits for new patients. Together we will discuss your symptoms, make a plan for a healthier lifestyle, and consider supplementary herbs, if appropriate, which can be shipped directly to your home.

And for our existing patients, we want to stay connected with you! Enjoy a complimentary initial virtual visit. It’s not too late to support your body’s innate ability to defend itself and heal. 

To take advantage of these offers, please call our office at 616.855.7718 or email


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